Sunglasses are an essential accessory in every wardrobe. They perform the dual function of protecting the eyes and completing your avatar. You can either go for a trendy vintage design or opt for a unique piece to make a bold statement. Either way, you will find a frame suitable for your face shape and style.

We have curated a list of the top 10 best sunglasses brands for you to choose from:

1. Ray-Ban

flat lens sunglasses An all-time favorite brand, Ray-Ban, provides highly fashionable pieces at affordable rates. Known for its high quality and functionality, this popular eyewear brand always delivers iconic styles. For years, people loved the Ray-Ban style sunglasses due to their timeless cool look. This brand, now owned by Luxottica, features retro shades that influenced trends across the globe. Ray-Ban initially produced sunglasses for pilots which later became highly popular among their customers. Ranging from Aviators, Clubmasters, Wayfarers, and mirrored lenses, this brand has it all. Sunglasses enthusiasts always go for this best men’s sunglasses brand to get the finest deals and quality.

2. American Optical

American Optical One of the top 10 sunglasses brands, American Optical, is one of the oldest luxury houses. This brand became popular specifically with optical quality sunglasses with sturdy frames. Also, this became one of the top-selling American Sunglasses brands in the previous century. The reasonable price of these American-made sunglasses is an investment to protect your eyes and have a classic look. Moreover, this company is high up on the top brands’ list due to the iconic frames and durability. Enjoy the best optical shades at a budget-friendly price from this high-end brand.


Oakley Oakley sunglasses invented in 1975 to become one of the top 10 best sunglasses brands worldwide. This leading sports sunglasses brand earned high popularity among the top leading athletes. Also, the high-quality sunglasses come with innovative technologies and professional designs. These sunglasses also feature polarized lenses for comfortable wear in bright daylight. With over 800 unique and innovative designs, this brand fulfills every demand for sporty shades with a signature style. Moreover, these highest-rated shades are perfect for anyone with an active lifestyle. The durability and flexibility of these frames stand the test of time and withstands all weather conditions.

4. Persol

Persol Driven by passion and quality, Persol enrolled itself as a top 10 sunglasses brand in the world. This brand is also a subsidiary of Luxottica, among other luxury fashion houses. The company also features premium quality lenses and a commitment to trends with the latest sunglasses options. Moreover, the legacy house of Persol sunglasses NYC launched stylish designs for over 100 years. This brand also produces protective shades for sports drivers and pilots with the same fine quality. You can get these premium quality shades at an affordable price as well.

5. Tom Ford

Tom Ford The personal passions of Tom Ford reflect in his brand through sensuality with confidence. He founded his brand in 2006 after working with other luxury houses. The best Tom Ford Sunglasses are highest rated due to their minimalist designs and luxurious details. Also, the brand offers UV protection lenses in all of the articles. That helps save your eyes from the harmful damage of the Sun. The top-selling sunglasses from Tom Ford include classic cat-eye styles, modern aviator frames, and wraparound designs. Moreover, the brand caters to the demands of customers with the latest trendy styles.

6. Randolph Engineering

Randolph Engineering Achieve UVA protection with a masculine look with the Randolph sunglasses NYC. This designer eyewear brand features highly durable pieces known as indestructible. The brand also produced sunglasses for the US military over the past several years. These shades come with the finest quality lenses that block the UV radiations from the Sun. Moreover, many celebrities adorn their accessories for eye protection and a chic look. Some of the top Hollywood celebrities spotted wearing these shades include Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise, and Dwayne Johnson. The affordable price point of the Randolph Engineering eyewear makes it highly desirable among the customers.


prada The Italian icon Prada eyewear collection offers some of the most expensive sunglasses in the world. Moreover, this brand is known for its contributions to the fashion industry and became the best designer eyewear company. The sophisticated range of sunglasses gives distinctive and impeccable looks not found anywhere else in the world. Also, the timeless appeal of their articles stands out due to the elaborate designs from this brand. These luxury sunglasses became highly popular among fashionistas. This brand also receives positive responses from critics due to the innovative styles.

8. Carrera

Carrera The brand was mainly known for the oversized aviators. However, it made a comeback with some latest designs over the past few years. This Austrian origin brand provides urban frames with lightweight materials. Moreover, the scratch-resistant lenses increased the quality of their pieces. Carrera sunglasses NYC feature some classic and signature designs in their collections. The brand also launched the Carrera Porsche Design Collection in collaboration with Ferdinand Porsche. This collection featured branded goggles with interchangeable lenses. Also, the folding glasses from this range became a massive hit.


GucciGucci revamped their aesthetic over the past years and introduced a variety of accessories with its unique style. The brand infuses its quirky designs with the eccentric aesthetic of today. You can also get discount Gucci sunglasses during their sales or shop around the holidays. Moreover, every Gucci sunglasses frame reflects the commitment of this brand to quality and fashion. It also provides celebrity sunglasses for the most sought-after red carpet looks. Gucci is also the best women sunglasses brand due to the embellished pairs of shades.


armaniEmporio Armani sunglasses come from an Italian luxury brand and offer edgy designs with comfortable lines of shades. Their collections target the youth with a distinct flavor that shines through every piece from the brand. The contemporary designs speak volumes of the Armani heritage and distinguish it from other luxury brands. These high-end classic styles crafted with expertise and excellence appeal to everyone.

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