Sunglasses are an accessory for your eyes, not your hair. Apart from protecting the eyes against harmful ultraviolet rays, a good pair of shades also help uplift your look. Most people wear sunglasses on the head during the day either due to habit or to make themselves appear cool. However, this practice can damage the overall shape of your frame and destroy the optimum fit. You can either put the goggles away in the case or store them in a safe place.

Reasons to Avoid Wearing Sunglasses on Your Head

Some people wear sunglasses on their forehead during a busy day and forget about it. Sometimes, they also wear them on the head without paying much heed to it. However, the damage to your expensive shades will help you stay vary of where you put them. That may ruin the quality of your favorite pair and make them useless. There are several reasons to ditch this habit and, some of them are listed below:

Damage Due to Hair Products

Hair products consist of chemicals that can damage the material and color of your favorite pair. The hair spray or gel can form a film on your frame and lenses when you wear it on your head. It damages the plastic material and causes scratches on the surface. That can easily ruin the look of a fresh pair and make them look old and weary as well. Moreover, the chemicals in these products may fade the tint and make your frame appear blotchy.

Stretch the Shape

The best sunglasses are those that can fit your face perfectly without dropping down. However, the frame goes through stretching when you wear it on the forehead. Most of the people have a head larger than their face. That can cause an excessive stretch in the arms of your sunglasses. Eventually, the shades will not fit your face anymore and drop down upon any movement. The nose bridge might lose the grip on your nose and fall every time you look down. Also, this practice can loosen the hinges, and your pair might fall apart over time.

Save Your Hair!

Your hair may get stuck in the hinges or any other details on your frame when you wear it on your head. Most of the time, it happens with aviator designs or pairs with nose pads. Also, the tugging while removing it can cause a significant stretch in the pair. This practice is not only bad for your goggles but your hair as well.

Defy the Purpose of Sunglasses

The sole purpose of sunglasses is to protect your eyes and the surrounding skin area from harmful UV rays. However, they also add a modern and glamorous touch to your look. Wearing your shades on top of the head means that the lenses protect your head instead of your eyes. That is the purpose of a hat, not your goggles. Therefore, always wear them on your eyes to save them from the potential damages from the sun.

Even though old habits don’t die fast, some tips can help you get rid of them. Using a neck strap can come in handy when you are not wearing your sunglasses. That helps to keep them near your face without the need to put them away. Also, you can wear them every time you go outdoors. Another tip includes using a lanyard to hold your goggles. Nowadays, many companies offer fashionable and stylish straps to carry your shades for you. Moreover, this reduces the chance of you losing your favorite pair.

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