2021 is the year of futuristic designs and an upgrade to outdated elements. We may see a repetition of shapes from the previous year with a hint of recreation. Nowadays, heavy metal shades are the new sunglasses trend due to the incredibly cool look. These pairs go well with dainty gold jewelry or by themselves as a minimal accessory. Some structural shapes such as angular square and rectangle designs are also a big hit in 2021 for women’s and men’s sunglasses. Moreover, you can take inspiration from the vintage designs and go for a classic cat-eye look.

Latest Trending Sunglasses

The biggest 2021 eyewear trends include playful shapes with acetate or metal frames. Also, yellow and gold are the most popular colors of this year due to their youthful appeal. You can curate a collection specifically with the latest designs and trends in mind that includes:

Yellow Sunglasses Trend

It is time to take out your gold statement pieces from the back of your wardrobe as yellow sunglasses are back in trend. With neon-bright lenses to subtle specks on the frame, this trend will appear everywhere this year. Moreover, these lenses are perfect for those who spend a lot of their time outdoors. The yellow tint helps reduce strain on the eyes and provides optimum clarity.

Flat Lens Sunglasses Trend

The best eyewear trend of this year, flat lenses give a sleek and stylish look to your sunglasses. These lenses fit perfectly in most sunglasses shapes including, aviators and wayfarer designs. Moreover, such shades provide optimum clarity from all sides due to their larger surface area. This uniform look also adds a hint of mystery to your style without looking over the top.

flat sunglasses
Glasses Chains Trend

Glasses Chains Trend

Long gone are the days when chains hanging with sunglasses were considered old-fashioned. Nowadays, many brands provide sleek and stunning glasses chains that hold your shades. These are also highly functional for those people who forget their accessories everywhere. You can also customize these chains according to your preference and attach them easily with the frame.

Summer Glasses Trend

Bright colors and angular designs come to mind when one thinks of summer. These shapes also fulfill your desire for funky shades that not only protect but upgrade your vibe as well. However, some wardrobe staples are also making a comeback with thick acetate frames and glossy finishes. You can browse through the wide assortment of frames to look on-trend this year.

Summer Glasses Trend
Skinny Sunglasses Trend

Skinny Sunglasses Trend

Ideal for small faces, the narrow-shaped frames are back in fashion this year. These pairs come in retro-classic styles such as cat-eye to add a funky spin to your look. Moreover, the statement prints go perfectly well with the minimalist summer outfits. Play with color or experiment with shapes this year to add some fresh pieces to your wardrobe.

Oversized Sunglasses Trend

Hop on the train of trendy oversized accessories with the top-selling brands available on our website. The hottest sunglasses of the year include large-sized round and aviator frames with mirrored or tinted lenses. Not only this style looks highly fashionable, but it is highly functional as well. The large lenses help protect the surrounding skin of your eyes and prevent premature wrinkles.

oversized sunglasses
Small Sunglasses

Small Sunglasses Trend

Tiny glasses are still on-trend in 2021 due to the dainty and vintage look. A variety of brands offer small-sized shades that fit perfectly on every face. Add a retro-inspired flair to your wardrobe this year with these vintage frames. Also, the intricate designs pair perfectly for an event or daily wear as well.

White Sunglasses Trend

One of the most-popular colored sunglasses, white shades, is in huge demand in 2021. This style took over Instagram recently due to the picture-friendly look and aesthetic color. Moreover, this cool shade is the perfect vibe in the scorching heat of summer. You can shop from the extensive range of the latest designs that will make waves this year.

White Sunglasses Trend

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