Choosing the right pair of shades can get confusing with the variety of options available. However, we have compiled an easy guide for you to opt for the perfect pair of sunglasses. Firstly, always go for a frame that suits your face shape. An odd-looking pair can break your whole look. Secondly, go for timeless designs that always stay in trend no matter the year.

Square Face

Square FacePeople with this face shape have symmetrical features and, the size of the forehead and the jaw are almost the same. Also, they have a broad chin and angular cheekbones. Since the face shape and the shape of your frame should be opposite, go for round styles. Also, steer away from square sunglasses as they can make your face look more sharp and angular. You can opt for black shades that go well with any casual or formal outfit. Besides, this versatile color looks good on everyone. Square-faced people can also flaunt oversized frames. However, always remember to match the width of your frame to your face. Tear-drop lenses and subtle angular designs can go well with this face shape as well.

Round Face

Round FacePeople with this face shape have broad cheeks and a softer look for the face. Also, they do not have any sharp angles and pointed frames might fit the best. Most of the time, people go for circle sunglasses but they do not suit their face. Round sunglasses look perfect on those with more angular features. On the other hand, round-faced people should opt for more geometrical or angled designs that uplift their face shape. This illusion can elevate your look and make your face appear brighter. Some of the best styles for this face shape include pointed or butterfly-shaped sunglasses. Besides, you may want to look for narrow bridges and block shapes in your perfect pair of shades. Sharp and defined edges of a frame can add more dimension to the face and, it appears more chiseled and contoured. These people can purchase colorful frames with an angular shape.

Rectangular Face

Rectangular FacePeople with this shape have more length than width. This particular face shape should look for small and tiny shades that tone down their angles. Rectangular sunglasses are best suited for those with softer features. However, this shape can wear almost every design of shades. Rimless rectangle sunglasses also look stunning with a chic vibe. Besides, this face shape has a prominent jawline with defined cheekbones. Therefore, go for subtle angles and styles that soften the look. You can also go for large frames that cover a large portion of your face. That can give an illusion of softer features and balance everything out. Meanwhile, stay away from bright and colorful frames as they may appear gaudy on this face shape.

Long Face

This face shape has a significant length that overcomes the width. Therefore, such people need a pair of shades that add more symmetry to the face and give a proportional look. Cat Eye sunglasses may elevate their looks with a more rounded shape. However, going for a more angular design can get risky as it moves past the cheekbones. Also, aviator sunglasses look good on almost every face shape. People with this face can opt for shades that add more width. Also, opt for the shades that cover the brows for a more defined look. Meanwhile, petite and narrow-shaped sunglasses add more angles to the face that might look weird.

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