People with light-sensitivity usually have a hard time going about their day due to the annoying glare. Moreover, the reflection from shiny surfaces also stabs the eye and may cause migraines. People with sensitive eyes tend to wear sunglasses regularly. However, sometimes the protection is not enough to block the glare from the sun. We have curated a list of shades that can protect your sensitive eyes throughout the day from any vibrant and sharp light. Meanwhile, there are some key features to keep in mind before buying any pair of shades:

Color of the Lens

Every lens color serves a different purpose and most of them help you see clearly in broad daylight. You can always go for the tint that provides maximum protection to the eyes. Most people opt for the dark lens as it blocks most of the glare from the sun.

Type of the Lens

A variety of lenses are available in the market with different coatings to protect your eyes. You can opt for UV protection and polarized lenses to save your vision without hindrance. Polarized lenses are ideal for summer as they effectively shield your eyes. Moreover, most brands offer these lenses with their articles.

Light Sensitivity Glasses

There are several features in this type of sunglasses to protect your eyes from sensitivity. Most of the time, these shades come with tinted lenses and high-grade materials. Eyes are sensitive and prone to damage from visible light. Therefore, it is essential to buy shades suitable for your eyes. Moreover, they are available in every budget for your convenience and protection.

Extra Dark Sunglasses

This style of shades usually comes in a wraparound design to protect your eyes from all sides. The lenses feature intense and darker lens tints that block the glare from the sun. These lenses are suitable for the days when the sun shines extra bright and makes it difficult to see with ordinary shades. Meanwhile, these lenses are not appropriate for driving during the daytime since they are extra dark sunglasses. The darkest sunglasses for sensitive eyes feature high strength lenses with a sturdy body and maximum comfort. These shades are perfect for those with sensitive eyes as they minimize the visible light that passes through the lens.

Ray-Ban Lenses Sunglasses

The classic aviator sunglasses from Ray-Ban are ideal for those with light-sensitive eyes. These lenses come with 85% protection from visible light. Also, they offer complete protection from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. You can see clearly through these high-quality lenses throughout the day without any difficulty. This classic design not only looks stunning but also adds the protection factor to your shades. Also, these eyeglasses effectively block the visible light transmission to provide comfortable wear for sensitive eyes.

Indoor Sunglasses for Light Sensitivity

People with migraines usually have a sensitivity to indoor lights as well. This photophobia or the sensitivity to light can trigger headaches and make you feel uncomfortable. Meanwhile, special glasses are available for this problem that come with a light tint to block this light. The lenses designed to reduce the strain from the light bulbs protect the eyes from sensitivity. These shades also block excessive glare from digital screens such as mobiles and laptops. The subtle tint of these lenses is enough to protect the eyes without causing any convenience. Most of the time these sunglasses come in extra lightweight material for added comfort throughout the day.

Low Budget Polarized shade glasses

These shades are the best friend for anyone with sensitive eyes. The lenses come with a special tint or coating that effectively blocks the sharp glare of the sun. Also, these are perfect for those who spend their time under bright sunshine or around water and snow. These reflective surfaces can cause sharp glare and hindrance in clear vision. However, the polarized lenses cut these light rays and help you see clearly. There are some downsides to using polarized sunglasses as you can not wear them while using a digital screen. Otherwise, these are perfect for those who experience sensitivity to light and discomfort. You can always invest in some high-quality glare sunglasses to protect your eyes throughout the day.

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